CARMEL, Ind. — It has now been nearly a month since anyone has seen 31-year-old Ciera Breland.

The Carmel mother was last seen at a home in Johns Creek, Ga. on February 24. Police there say Ciera was captured on a surveillance camera.

However, Ciera wasn’t reported missing until Feb. 26 when her husband, Xavier, filed a report with police in Carmel.

“I just want people to find my niece, look for my niece,” Ciera’s aunt Jeannie Locklair Bush said.

Family members told FOX59 it would be very unlike Ciera to just leave her family and her 5-month-old son. Bush said the entire family is struggling with not knowing where she is or what happened to her.

“We need each other, we depend on each other for everything and now we’re kind of missing a piece,” Bush said.

Investigators have not ruled out foul play and Ciera’s husband, Xavier, has been named a person of interest in her disappearance. He was arrested in an unrelated case for aggravated stalking.

“Somebody has seen her, somebody knows something about either where she’s at or what’s happened to her,” Captain Todd Hodd with the Johns Creek Police Department said. “We’re really pleading with the public to come forward because this could have been your daughter, your sister, your mom, your cousin, your relative.”

In recent weeks police have canvassed the neighborhood where Ciera was last seen. They’ve handed out missing persons fliers and asked neighbors if they saw anything.

Bush said Xavier’s mother-in-law, who owns the home where Ciera was last seen, has not been cooperative in helping to find Ciera. Police wouldn’t comment on that allegation.

“What if she knows something what if she can point us in a direction that can help us find my niece,” Bush said. “We need to know that.”

So far, Johns Creek Police said it’s received some tips but believes Ciera could be anywhere between Georgia and Indiana. They’re asking people to call in and tell them what they know.

“Don’t think the tip is so small it’s going to be insignificant because as of right now, we don’t know where she’s at,” Capt. Hood said.

The family is hoping continuing media coverage of Ciera’s disappearance will keep her face out there and lead to someone recognizing her and calling police.

“Maybe that will get somebody that wasn’t thinking about it or wasn’t really paying attention to kind of stop and look and say OK I worked at this restaurant at this gas station let me go see if they’ll check cameras,” Bush said. “I would give anything to see her again or hear her again.”

The FBI is offering a $10,000 reward for any information that leads to them finding Ciera.

Anyone who knows anything is urged to contact the Carmel Police Department at (317) 571-2500 or the Johns Creek Police tip line at (678) 474-1610.

Information can also be called in to the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI or at