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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – We are learning more about the moments out on the water in Branson after nine Indianapolis family members died when their duck boat sank in Branson, Missouri.

“I remember praying…saying please Lord let me get to my babies and I could not get to them,” said survivor Tia Coleman.

Coleman replays the moments after the duck boat she and her family were on capsized and sank. Nine of her family members died when the boat went under.

“When the first big wave came into the boat it looked like it washed back out, but when the last big wave came in I lost hold of my baby,” said Coleman.

Her children, 1-year-old Arya, 7-year-old Evan and 9-year-old Reece, did not survive.

“My children. They were our world,” said Coleman.

Tia’s husband Glenn did everything he could to save his family.

“Somebody told me that when they found my husband he had all three of my babies, so the reason that I could not find them was that he was protecting them,” said Coleman.

That strength and courage motivates Tia to take the painful steps to try and move forward. The mother and wife feels that she needs to speak up for her family, including Angie, Max, Belinda, Butch, and Ervin.

A family as tight-knit as you can get, now gone, but never forgotten.