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MARION, Ind. – A video of a violent arrest is sparking outrage.

On Monday evening, officers arrested Arrington Barber. The video showed police officers surrounding and beating a man as he’s knocked down on the side of the street.

Arrington’s parents say the man on the ground is their 29-year-old son.

“They’re beating him down like he’s a dog,” said James Barber, Arrington’s father.

On Arrington’s mug shot, you can see bloody wounds on his forehead.

“It’s disgusting, I mean it’s disgusting,” said Barber.

Arrington’s parents say their son suffers from schizophrenia and has been dealing with mental health issues for the past 10 years.

“You can’t just beat him and treat him any kind of way ’cause he’s not right in his mind,” said Michele Davis, Arrington’s mother.

A viewer sent CBS4 the nearly two-minute-long video. The viewer, who didn’t know what led up to the arrest, wanted to remain anonymous.

“Those officers are going to have to answer some questions,” said Barber.

Arrington’s parents say he was wearing nothing but a blanket when the incident happened near McClure and 5th.

“I don’t know what he might have said that would cause anybody to strike him like that. I’m lost. I really am,” said Davis.

On Wednesday, Marion police released information about the incident.

Chief Angela Haley said Barber had an active warrant for public nudity. When officer went to place him in custody, he dropped his blanket and ran into his apartment building.

Officers chased him into the apartment. When they tried to tase him, he fled past them. Officers continued to chase him before catching up to him in the 400 block of South McClure Street.

Officers tried to gain control of Barber’s arms, which were underneath his body as he was lying face-down on the ground. Haley says Barber refused to comply with officers’ commands to release his arms. An officer then “drive stunned” in his back, which was ineffective.

“Mr Barber continued to be non-compliant with the officer’s commands at which time Mr. Barber was subdued in accordance with Marion Police Department’s Use of Force Policies and Indiana Law Enforcement Training,” Haley said.

Officers were then able to arrest him.

Barber’s criminal history shows no violent charges. He’s now facing charges of resisting law enforcement, public indecency and public nudity.

“I mean he has his issues. I’m never going to say he doesn’t, but at the same token let’s work hand and hand and fix this,” said Davis.

Arrington’s parents are calling for a thorough investigation.

“It’s really ridiculous, it really is,” said Davis.