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INDIANAPOLIS – Families living in the Richmond Hill Subdivision on the southeast side of Indianapolis are beginning to rebuild after the massive explosion in November. The Cox family celebrated a big step Friday as crews dug them a basement.

“When the contractor texted me pictures of them digging this morning, I instantly felt like I drank 10 pots of coffee,” said Andrea Cox, who lived in the subdivision with her husband and two kids. “It’s almost like the sound of music.”

The Cox family is currently living in a rental apartment. Their home was demolished after the deadly explosion because it was structurally unsound.

“You see smiles, you see change, progress and growth, but there is still heartache. There is still loss,” said Cox. Jennifer and Dion Longworth died in the explosion.

The family also lost their dog the night a neighbor’s home was turned into a bomb, but the subdivision is coming back.

‪While some families have moved on and placed “for sale” signs in front of empty lots, other families are hopeful, determined and convinced that they still belong in Richmond Hill. ‬

“This is home. This neighborhood is a family to us,” said Cox.

The goal is to move into their new home in June or July.