Family discovers puppies abandoned in a Morgan County forest on New Year's Eve

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ind. — A New Year’s Eve find may have saved a litter of puppies from possible death.

A family was going through the Morgan Monroe State Forest when they came upon a covered crate. The parents feared it could be a child and told the Morgan County Humane Society (MCHS) that it looked like a carseat.

“They had a little boy with them, so I think naturally that was the natural thing, to be worried about a child first,” said MCHS Executive Director Jennifer Londergan.

The family lifted the cover with a stick and discovered a litter of puppies. They were cold and lethargic, but healthy. The animals were taken to MCHS and are now in foster care.

“The people who had left them had tried to prepare them to keep warm,” Londergan said, “They put a sleeping bag in the tote, and the sleeping bag was covered. The entire thing was wrapped in a sheet.”

The Humane Society believes the people who left them there wanted them to be found, as it was only about 20 feet off the road. They are frustrated, adding that there are so many avenues to surrender puppies. Generally, puppies are adopted very quickly from humane societies in Indiana.

MCHS does not typically see puppies come in, let alone abandoned, however they have seen an uptick in the past few weeks. A month ago, a dog was found with her litter in an abandoned home. There were other pets there as well.

“In the same area there have been two other dogs abandoned in the last week or so,” Londergan said.

MCHS had been concerned that the mother of the puppies may be lost in the forest as well, but they now believe that is not the case.

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