Family, friends gather to remember a young mother, 23, found dead in a Hancock County cornfield

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By Eric Levy

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (July 25, 2014) — Family and friends gathered to remember a young mother found dead in a Hancock County cornfield. Detectives say she was likely killed.

Two missionaries, bicycling in the area, stumbled upon the body of Katrina Miller, 23, a couple of hours after her family reported her missing. It was a dark and difficult investigation for two reasons. The time of night and the terrain detectives had to handle, but also because they’d soon find out a young mother was lying there dead.

“I never thought that would be something I’d find in my life,” said Ezra Segura.

Hancock County roads 800W and 350N became the center of this investigation after Segura and James Rammell, both from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, just happened to be there. Miller’s body was just 20 feet from them.

“We were taking some pictures and were just about to leave the corn, we looked over and it really didn’t click in my head what it was, but I asked what it was and he said it was a body,” Segura said.

There are still many questions of how she died, and why she was left there. But unless they find something to prove otherwise, detectives think someone killed her. It’s left Miller’s family heartbroken.

“If there’s anything we could do to provide any comfort for them, we’d do whatever we can. I hope the detectives find out how it happened and just to give them any sort of closure that they need,” Segura said.

Meantime, if you know something that could help move this investigation along, the Hancock County Sheriff’s department would like to hear from you.

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