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INDIANAPOLIS — It’s been more than 36 hours since the mass murder on Indianapolis’ near northeast side, and it hasn’t gotten any easier for the family.

It’s a tragic situation, and understandably, none of them are ready to talk. But we were able to speak to friends who shined some light on those who were killed.

“I’m still in shock, I’m still in disbelief. She didn’t deserve this, none of her family deserved this,” said India Hammond, a junior-high classmate of one of the victims, Kezzie Childs.

Many echoed these same thoughts after a family of six, including an unborn child, was killed in a mass murder Sunday morning. Police have arrested a juvenile related to the family, but that doesn’t weaken the burden on this family or their friends.

“I just seen her probably like a month and a half ago, maybe,” said Anastasia D, a childhood friend of Kezzie.

Kezzie, 42, was the mother of the family and a good friend to Anastasia from growing up in Gary to life in Indianapolis.

“She was just a wonderful woman, wonderful mother, soon to be grandmother, even the family, everyone was great,” said Anastasia.

She came by the home to show her love and support by setting a teddy bear on the front porch.
As did Kezzie’s junior-high friend, Hammond.

“I came and payed my respects to her brother. He used to be there when I stayed the night over there,” said Hammond.

She says Kezzie’s smile was infectious, and now, this tragedy brings her fond memories to the surface.

“Just the memories that I have with her, I’m going to treasure for the rest of my life. She was someone you could always count on, someone you could always confide your secrets in,” said Hammond.

Six innocent lives taken, including one that never had a chance to breathe, leaving a family and community confused and in pain.

“Please stop the violence. Just stop it. It’s uncalled for. It’s just too much going on right now. We just all need to come together and be one,” said Anastasia.

Kezzie was killed, along with her husband, Raymond Jr., her 13-year-old daughter, Rita, her 18-year-old son, Elijah, 19-year-old Kiara Hawkins and her unborn child, “Baby Boy” Hawkins.

Just like Sunday, so many strangers passed by to say prayers. Meanwhile, neighbors say they are planning a memorial to honor the family.