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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – It’s been four months since baby Amiah Robertson was last seen on the southwest side of Indianapolis. July 14 was Amiah’s first birthday, and her family and friends wanted to share their message of hope that Amiah will be found.

“I never want to have to go through another day like this,” said Amiah’s mother, Amber Robertson.

It was an emotional birthday celebration as Amber, along with family and friends, gathered at the 200 block of South Holmes Avenue to sing happy birthday and place candles, stuffed animals, and balloons. This location is  where Amiah was last seen.

Ola Chaney, Amiah’s Aunt, shared what she wrote on her balloon: “Happy birthday baby, we love you, we miss you, and we want you home.”

Amber says she never thought this would be how she would celebrate her daughter’s first birthday, as Amiah is nowhere to be found.

“No, I did not ever plan to have my daughter’s birthday by a tree. I wish I could have had it at home,” said Amber.

Balloons, teddy bears, and candles sit at the location where the investigation started. Amiah was last seen on March 9.  That’s when Amber said she handed her child over to her boyfriend, Robert Lyons, who claims he took the baby to the home of the babysitter on South Holmes Avenue.

On March 16, IMPD says the baby’s family reported Amiah missing, but they did not believe she was in danger. Over the next few days, police say conflicting statements from family members raised concerns for the welfare of the child and prompted detectives to issue a Silver Alert on March 19.

“Yeah, I believe someone knows something,” said Ola.

Christina Chaney, Amiah’s Aunt, added, “And it’s time they speak up. This is going on too long.”

Police say this case is being investigated as a homicide.  In April, investigators dug up the backyard of the South Holmes Avenue property.  At that time, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) Deputy Chief Chris Bailey said, the case detective convinced a judge to sign a search warrant. Police say there was new information that they needed to check out. However, after the location was searched multiple times, nothing was uncovered.

“Yes, I will say myself mistakes were made, maybe something was reported a little too late,” said Ola. “That wasn’t hidden under covers, but she thought the baby was at a safe place at the babysitters.”

On Amiah’s birthday, family says their focus is on finding answers and bringing this now one-year-old back home.

“We should be at a park celebrating her, eating her cake,” said Christina. “But instead we’re doing this because somebody will not speak up.”

“Someone has her, bring her home. That’s all I’m asking,” said Amber.

If you know anything about Amiah’s disappearance, please call crime stoppers. That number (317) 262-TIPS. Your information could be worth a $1,000 reward.