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NOBLESVILLE, Ind. – As the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office continues its investigation into the deaths of three people found inside a home Christmas Day, their family members are remembering the good times they spent with them.

“They were close family. They were probably the closest family to me and it was like going home, just the same as going home and you were always welcome there,” Beverly Poindexter said. “I’m just in shock. I just can’t believe it. It just hasn’t sunk in yet.”

Poindexter was the niece of 84-year-old Donald Moon and 81-year-old Joyce Moon. Their son, Todd Moon, was her cousin.

“We used to go to their house on the weekends and my two children and Todd played together while Aunt Joyce and Uncle Don and my husband, Jerry, and I played euchre all the time,” Poindexter said. “So we were very close.”

Poindexter admitted that she had grown away from that side of the family over the last 15 years, but said as a child, Uncle Don and Aunt Joyce were like second parents to her.

She said she used to stay at their home after school before cheer practices in 6th grade and their house was the place to be on weekends in the late 50s.

“When I was a child, we used to go to their house because they were the only people we knew who had color TV and we went there on the weekends to watch ‘Bonanza’ because it was in what they called living color,” she said.

Poindexter said her aunt and uncle were both hardworking and responsible people. Don retired after a long career at Ford and Joyce from RCA.

“If somebody told me that they missed a day of work ever I would find it very hard to believe, because they were that dedicated to their jobs,” she said.

Hamilton County detectives did not release any new information on the case Tuesday.

Homicide investigators are keeping all the options on the table, but the sheriff said Monday a murder suicide situation is a, “distinct possibility.”

The Hamilton County Coroner plans to finish the autopsies on the three victims Wednesday.