Family on edge and neighborhood on high alert after attempted abduction

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Indianapolis Metro Police are searching for a man who tried to abduct a 7-year-old girl Wednesday afternoon.

Madison, 7, was walking home from Rhoades Elementary School when she told police a man she did not know in a black work van told her to get inside.  As the man tried to take off his seat belt, Madison ran to Charlie Henson’s house across the street.

“Madison had come running in the house and she was as white as a ghost and she was screaming and crying that some man told her to get in his car, so I ran outside to see what I could see, but it was long gone,” said Henson.

Henson called 911 and police interviewed Madison. Henson and other neighbors said they are shocked because the attempted abduction took place only a half block away from school and right in front of other parents and children as they walked home.

Madison’s grandmother, Cathy McCoy, says the little girl was not injured, but is still shaken up.

“How can people be that cruel to hurt somebody like that? These children don’t do anything and they shouldn’t have to worry about looking around all the time,” said McCoy.

Neighbors like Lisa Hoaglan are keeping a close watch on the the kids in the area and are looking for anything suspicious.

“If I see the van I will be ready to do a chase and call the police. The dude definitely needs to be caught,” said Hoaglan.

Wayne Township Schools is working with police and said extra patrols were out Thursday. Those extra patrols will continue Friday. The district is also informing parents of the incident.

Police have a vague description to go on but no license plate number for the van.

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