Family puts up billboard, seeks answers after Indy man is murdered and dumped in Ohio


INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis family is taking action and looking for answers in a murder mystery spanning two states.

One year ago, police in Ohio found the body of Ricky Hunter. However, they believe the killing took place in a home in Indy near 19th and Rural. The death was ruled a homicide on July 31, 2019.

The victim’s family is paying for a billboard near Massachusetts and Rural, which asks the community, “Who killed Ricky Hunter?”

Unfortunately, that’s a question that so far remains unanswered.

“All we want is some answers,” said the victim’s sister Sharon Hunter.

A large handmade wooden cross still stands outside the victim’s old home, along with a bicycle and teddy bear, one year after police say the man who lived in the home was murdered.

“It’s hard because I think about how long did he lay there and how could you do that to somebody,” said Sharon.

After the murder, police think the killer got on I-70 and drove Hunter’s body 80 miles east, past Richmond to a wooded area outside Eaton, Ohio.

“When they found him he was unrecognizable, so you wanted to make sure he wasn’t found because you took him so far away,” said Sharon.

Sharon is still upset thinking about how her brother had been left to decompose for close to two weeks before being discovered.

“You took him up a back road and dumped him like you would trash and it’s not right. Nobody should be treated like that,” said Sharon.

Two days after Hunter’s body was found, police searched his home and found evidence Hunter had been shot and then moved across the state line.

Unfortunately, despite putting up the billboard, his family still doesn’t know who committed the crime or why.

“We haven’t been getting any feedback at all,” said Sharon. “Nothing has happened. No phone calls or nothing. No concern at all. It makes me angry inside.”

Anyone with information on the unsolved homicide can still contract Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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