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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Dozens of people, including teenagers and young adults along with a victim’s family, gathered outside the scene of Thursday’s quadruple murder on the city’s northeast side. The aunt of Kimari Hunt, the lone female victim, said she will never forget her “angel” niece.

“She already had her wings, they just hadn’t made her fly away,” Dawn McDade, Kimari’s aunt, said.

McDade mourns the future she hoped for her niece.

“She was the perfect angel,” McDade said. “I just wish she would have left here. She got seven scholarships and I just talked to her and was like, “Baby, just leave the state,” because, you know, where she is, is not good.”

McDade will never forget Kimari’s smile.

“Oh, she had a beautiful smile,” McDade recalls. “She could have been a Crest kid, she was gorgeous, and they took her away from us.”

The IMPD chaplains wrapped their arms and prayers around those deeply hurt by the murders of Hunt, 21, Braxton Ford, 21, Marcel Wills, 20, and Jalen Roberts, 19.

“Every day, every minute, every second, you can choose to do something different from what your environment says you ought to do,” Chaplain Orlando Jordan Jr. said.

Tears were shed as the chaplains reminded the young people they have bright futures and a chance to accomplish anything they desire.

“No matter how we start, it doesn’t matter how we start, it doesn’t matter what our parents did, the jobs that they had, the environments that we were raised in, it’s all about how you finish,” Jordan Jr. said.

The quadruple murder happened in the 4100 block of Shady Oak Drive just after 10:30 Wednesday night. When they arrived, they found four people suffering from apparent gunshot wounds. IMPD has not released any suspect information as this case moves forward.