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UPDATE (October 18, 2019): Terry Brown has been formally charged with battery by means of a deadly weapon for the alleged shooting of Vinson Edge.

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind- A shooting Monday afternoon at around 6:30 pm near the corner of Pennsylvania and Maryland captured lots of attention. Not just for the time and place, but for the victims involved.

“I’m kind of scared how our family is going to recover from it,” said Samantha Riley. “She was the heartbeat of the family.”

The man shot was 39-year-old Vinson Edge. He was wanted by Speedway Police, accused of stabbing and killing his mother Vickie Edge, known to many by her middle name Renae.

Riley is married to Vickie’s nephew.

“She worked hard, she was a hard worker,” Riley said. “All of her kids are grown, and she would still keep 2 and 3 jobs just to make sure everyone was OK.”

According to court documents, Vinson was at home with his mother and brother when he suddenly snapped. According to court documents, his brother told police Vinson started demanding his “inheritance” before grabbing knives from the kitchen and using them to stab his mother to death.

“It was no means, merit, there was no argument, it just happened out of the blue,” Riley said.

Vinson’s brother told police that Vinson was a paranoid schizophrenic and hadn’t been taking his medication.

“Her everyday drive was Vinson,” Riley said of Vickie. “To make sure he was steady, to help him get on his feet, she wanted just the best for him. For him to be the one who took her life.”

Before Vickie was killed, court docs say she was going to see her boyfriend. The family says that longtime boyfriend is Terry Brown. After the murder, Brown took to Facebook, asking for help finding Vinson.

“We were all beating streets trying to find him,” Riley said. “Vinson is lucky the right person found him.”

On Monday, Speedway Police say they got a tip Vinson was heading downtown. As they tracked his phone and waited for him, investigators say Brown found him first, and shot him in the leg. A witness tells us Brown and two others kicked him, before putting the gun away and waiting for police.

Vinson was taken to Eskenazi Hospital in stable condition. Brown was arrested and taken to the Marion County Jail, and now faces preliminary charges.

“I hope that they don’t charge him,” Riley said. “We were all working off emotion. He didn’t want to kill him, or he would have.”

The loss of a mother, and two men behind bars has left a family to grieve them all.

“It’s more heartbreaking because we didn’t just lose Auntie Renae,” Riley said. “At the end of the day, Vinson is still our cousin and it’s still our family. It’s two really big losses, like devastating losses.”

Police say Brown stayed on scene and cooperated with police. Court documents say Brown told them that Vinson had lunged for his gun.