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The discovery of human bones in Hendricks County Monday has led to quite the mystery, pushing the families of some missing persons in the area to speak out.

Hah Soly and Loc Dao have waited 13 years for answers in their son’s case. Mustapha Dao, 18, disappeared in July 2000. Known to everyone as Pha, the teenager was last seen waiting at an Indianapolis gas station for a ride.

“We (are) always looking for him. (He’s) the only son we have,” Loc Dao said.

A metal scrapper found human bones, along with what look to be men’s clothing, inside a large metal well tank on an empty Hendricks County property Monday. Detectives said it appeared to be a full body, sealed inside the tank for a number of years.

Dao’s family said they hoped the bones are not his and that he’s still out there somewhere, but that all they want are answers.

“(It) doesn’t matter what (happened). We always wish he’ll come back soon,” Soly said.

Detectives tell Fox59 they will consider Dao’s case, along with other missing persons across Indiana, when searching for an identity. However, it is expected to take pathologists weeks to even discover gender, approximate age and race.

The Hendricks County Sheriff’s Department is asking for patience in the case, promising to do all it can to identify the remains as soon as possible.