Family’s savings destroyed after losing safe with thousands of dollars

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INDIANAPOLIS – An Indianapolis couple hoping to purchase their first home may have to put their dream on hold because they lost $27,000.

Cristian Hernandez and Erica Garcia live on the southwest part of town. They have been saving money for six years and were planning to put an offer down on a house this week.

Since they were going to do that, they started taking money out of the bank and placing it into their safe. The couple kept their safe hidden in the dryer.

A family member of the couple did not know they kept their safe in the dryer until they needed it. The dryer was not working and the family needed to do laundry. Diego Hernandez, Cristian’s brother, installed a different dryer and threw out the one that didn’t work. He put it in the alley behind their home.

Diego Hernandez saw two people in a van take the dryer, but he was not worried because he had no clue the safe was inside.

“I see him (Cristian) like every day. I know all the stuff he does. He works and (does) all this stuff. I feel like I just put his hard work and money out on the alley and then someone else took it,” Diego Hernandez said.

The family called IMPD to report what happened. Officer Carlos Trincado helped them search for the safe. They went into businesses to see if any item or pieces of the dryer had been sold. They did not find anything.

“This couple (is) really young. (They) came to the country to make something (of) themselves and doing it the right way and unfortunately this happened,” Officer Trincado said.

Officer Trincado said even though the safe was in the dryer -and their intention was not to throw it away- because the family was getting rid of if a crime will not have been committed if someone spends their money.

“Hopefully the person who found the money will put their hands in their heart and will hopefully return it,” Officer Trincado said.

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