Fans gear up for first Colts home game with legalized betting


Sports betting at Winner’s Circle

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — For nearly ten years, people have come downtown to the Winner’s Circle to bet on races, but this year, there’s a new horse in the race.

“It’s a tough one to bet on, but I think I’m gonna take the Colts,” said Michael King.

It’s been 3 weeks since Indy’s first sports book opened, and some Hoosiers can’t get enough.

“Everytime I walk in here it’s like a kid in a candy shop,” King said. “It’s euphoria, it’s pretty sweet.”

“It’s great, that’s why those lines are so long,” said Brad Baldini, the General Manager at the Winner’s Circle.

Baldini is excited about this weekend—the first NFL game in Indy since their sports book opened.

“Huge weekend, yeah,” Baldini said. “The last two have been really big, and this is just gonna blow it out of the water I think.”

The Colts are ready for the weekend too. Despite Luck’s sudden retirement, Circle City Tickets says sales are still good. The Colts have tickets still on sale, but they are expecting a full house.

“It’s been pretty steady, we’ve been pleased,” said the Colt’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Roger VanDerSnick. “There’s been so much support for Jacoby and support for the rest of the team around him that I think our fans are really excited about seeing the team this year”

Inside the stadium, fans can expect faster signal with new 5G and improved WIFI, not to mention new food and drinks like the hard seltzer White Claw.

There will also be some giveaways for the opening weekend.

“This is a full stadium pass out,” VanDerSnick said. “We’ve got t-shirts for everybody that comes into the stadium.”

“Everybody seems a bit hopeful for some reason,” King said while enjoying some games and a beer at the Winner’s Circle. “I still think there’s a lot of hype and excitement around them.”

Even without Luck on the field, fans placing money on the Colts are hoping luck still goes their way.

“I’m excited for it,” said Dane Hayden who’s going to his first Colt’s regular season game. “I’m betting on the Colts though to cheer for em.”

The Colts say it appears unlikely for now that the roof will be open, but it will be a game time decision depending on the weather.

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