INDIANAPOLIS — Popular east side restaurant Fast Wok has announced plans to reopen its doors in January, just four days after confirming that the restaurant was permanently closed due to recent police calls and security concerns.

In just eight days Fast Wok has reopened, shut down, and is now planning to reopen again. This time, however, with better security and better crowd control.

The owners provided the update on Facebook Wednesday night.

MESSAGE FROM MAMA… thanks for your support… and your loyalty and love for her… she is very sad about what happened. SHE WILL REOPEN IN THE FUTURE WITH… better security, better crowd control… BUT… SHE WILL REOPEN!

Fast Wok Facebook post

The far east side restaurant opened on Nov. 1 after the owner recovered from a stroke. However, the owners said that after multiple police calls and an alleged gun incident, they were shutting their doors again.

The eatery is now set to open again in January and fans of Fast Wok are rejoicing on Facebook.