Father of missing 10-year-old from Gas City speaks out

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GAS CITY, Ind. — A family in Gas City is desperately searching for a 10-year-old girl.

Skylea Carmack has been missing since ‪Saturday afternoon. She was last seen at her home on the 200 block of East South D Street.

Skylea’s father believes she ran away. However, police are not ruling anything out at this point.

Volunteer Lisa McClure didn’t have to know her to help search for her.

“I have five kids of my own and if it was my kid missing, I would want all of these people in the community out looking for my kid too,” said McClure.

Skylea’s father, Kevin Carmack, said he’s grateful for the support of the community.

“It’s been amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better turnout,” said Kevin.

He said he was at work and Skylea was home with her stepmom when she went missing Saturday. He believes his daughter ran away because she was grounded and upset about it.

“And it just went a little too far and she got stuck and now she’s just scared to come home cause she’s afraid now she is going to be in even more trouble,” said Kevin.

If that’s the case, he wants her to know she won’t be.

“We’re not even mad at this point we are just worried about her being OK just want her to come home,” said Kevin.

According to Kevin, Skylea took a purple autism awareness blanket, a pink backpack and a blue drawstring bag with “Sky” written on it. She was wearing teal converse shoes and a shirt with Mario and Luigi on it.

Photos show Skylea with darker hair but her father describes it as short and blonde right now.

He’s trying to stay positive but he does fear the worst.

“That she got lost, or she fell in one of these woods and she’s hurt and can’t get back out,” said Kevin.

Sunny Osborn lives next door to the Carmack family.

“I just hope they find her alive and well,” said Osborn. “We love you Skylea, just come home, safely.”

Her father said Skylea has a history of running away but usually she goes to his mom’s house.

“I have to remain hopeful that she is still OK and she is just hiding out with a friend or she found an old garage that she can hide in,” said Kevin.

If you have any information related to Carmack’s whereabouts, please contact the Gas City Police Department at 765-674-2278 or the Indiana State Police at 765-473-6666.

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