Father remembers son as someone who ‘always cared about everybody before himself’

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Apr. 11, 2014) — The two fathers of the husband and wife who were involved in a deadly crash in Madison County open up to FOX59.

Rebecca and Jesse Sperry had just left church on Sunday. They were on S.R. 32 in Madison Co. when an SUV, driven by off-duty Edgewood Police Officer James Foutch, slammed in to them going more than 90 mph. The impact sent the car in to a telephone pole, and killed Jesse. Rebecca Sperry delivered her child by C-Section hours later, and tonight, both mom and baby are doing much better. Court documents reveal Foutch was found to have taken a prescribed 7.5mg Hyrdocodone hours before the crash.

This family is dealing with a lot of pain, but they are staying extremely positive and strong. They say Jesse’s life is living on through the newest member of the family…Autumn.
“Always cared about everybody before himself, always. Somebody was down, he was there, helping bring you up. What can I do for you,” said Ricky Sperry, speaking about his son Jesse.

“As you look at him, his life, and what he’s done for people, it’s awesome to know, and it’s great to be a parent of such a young man who cared about everybody,” said Sperry.

He says Jesse was a creative one.

“Him and his best friend, Josh, had this competition one time, who could make the best duct tape wallet? Ha Ha Ha,” said Sperry. “You know? I think it was a pretty good tie. Ha ha ha ha!”

Jesse’s widow Rebecca is dealing with a lot, by losing her soulmate. But, her father John Keefe says she’s doing better as days go by.

“She’s actually sitting up in a chair, and this is just a miracle of God and modern medicine. She’s sitting up in a chair, being able to walk with help,” said Keefe.

Keefe says he got to see baby Autumn at Riley Hospital for Children.

“She was just laying there, and she had her little eyes open, and she saw grandpa! It’s Grandpa Autumn! You about ready to go home,” recalled Keefe.

“Autumn is so precious, Rebecca is precious. I love them both,” said Sperry.

And, he will always love his son.

“I will…be thankful for the life I had with him,” said Sperry.

Rebecca is moving to another hospital tomorrow as she recovers, they hope to take the baby home soon. Funeral services for Jesse are pending.

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