Father, son search for hit-and-run driver

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INDIANAPOLIS – A father and son nearly killed by a hit-and-run driver are begging for tips in an investigation that’s stalled.

It happened on the morning of June 2 along Washington Street on the city’s west side. The detective on the case said police have no leads.

The victims aren’t staying silent and hope you can help them find the person responsible for hitting them and taking off.

Scraped and sitting, Loran Peavler knows he and his son Justin looked death in the eye.

“It knocked us silly,” recalled Peavler. “If there would’ve been any vehicles beside him, it would’ve been all she wrote. There wouldn’t have been a chance.”

Peavler said it was early in the morning, just after seven. He and his son were heading to work along the stretch of U.S. 40. A driver in a gray Dodge Dakota comes up behind them and slams into their scooter.

“I heard the crunching of the scooter,” said Peavler.

Within seconds, the scooter shoots out front. Peavler said he and his son hit the ground fast, but the driver of the truck never stopped.

“My scooter flies on down the road, and this drives on down the road like, ‘Mister, I don’t know what happened,'” said Peavler.

Now two weeks later, Loran Peavler is still recovering. With road rash, a bruised rib and a fractured ankle he’s off the job, though on a mission to find the driver of that truck.

“I don’t know how somebody can run over somebody and drive on to work and go through their day and not let that eat them up,” he said.

Peavler and his son know they’re lucky.

“I feel like I could’ve died, you know, it could have happened,” said Justin Peavler.

But they both hope the good fortune for the person who hit them runs out soon.

“God says you’re supposed to forgive, so I figure maybe if I forgive you in my heart, then you’re going to get caught,” said Peavler.

Indianapolis Metropolitan police believe that vehicle is a gray Dodge Dakota extended cab, made between 1997 and 2004. They do not have a plate for it. Police ask if you have information to let them know.

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