FBI reports violent crime down 4% in Indy

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) figures just released by the FBI show violent crime dipped four percent in Indianapolis last year compared with 2017.

Similar slumps were shown in reported robberies, aggravated assaults, property crimes, burglaries, arsons and larcenies and thefts.

Numbers for cases of rape, murder and motor vehicle thefts showed slight upticks.

Sergeant Vince Stewart of Metro PD sees the improvement on the streets of IMPD’s Beat 21 not far from East 30th Street and North Keystone Avenue.

“I think people are fed up with their property being stolen, them being taken advantage of,” he said. “People are putting up personal cameras, owning weapons legally so that they can protect their families, just helping the police when we come out and take a report, just giving us lead information.

“We have done a phenomenal job of getting to know the people that live in this particular district, the community. Conflict resolution, I think it is working. We are down as far as aggravated assaults,” said Stewart as he guided his patrol car through the Hubbard Gardens, formerly known as the Phoenix Apartments and Keystone North which are in the process of a massive renovation. “One murder is too much. We’ve had several already but we are down. North District is down. We are at 18 compared to other years when we’ve been much higher.”

Citywide, a year ago IMPD had recorded its 134th homicide.

Today that annual number stands at 125.

From his hot dog cart at the corner of 30th and Brouse Avenue, across the street from a convenience store where a shooting victim fled for help last weekend, James Davis agreed that he sees the positive change.

“Things are doing a lot better out here especially when you got local cart operators and owners out here on the corner every day seeing the community and dealing with the community, interacting with them and working with them, so, yes, crime has dropped a lot around here in this area.”

Davis counts some Metro officers as customers at his Journeii Doggz push cart.

“We would just like for the police to come and spend more time at the local spots, the local people that are starting their own businesses, because they you get to interact with the community.

“Bring us a smile and a friend that ain’t never been to Journeii Doggz,” Davis said, holding a steaming dog hot off the grill in a pair of aluminum tongs, “and its all good. It’s all good.”

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