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UPDATE (December 18): The FBI is now the lead investigating agency in this investigation, and they are working closely with local law enforcement.

PLAINFIELD, Ind. (December 17, 2015) – Plainfield Community School Corporation are closed Thursday as police investigate an online threat made on Facebook directed toward Plainfield High School.

Threats against several students were posted on an alias Facebook account Wednesday night, along with the threat of an attack against the school.

At a press conference Thursday morning, Danville Police Chief William Wright confirmed that the threat directed at Plainfield schools is connected with the threat that shut down Danville schools.

“We’ve dealt with Facebook, and Snapchat, and different social media issues in the past with cases but nothing to this affect that’s spread to this type of magnitude,” said Captain Jill Lees, with Plainfield Police.

The threats toward both Plainfield and Danville schools are nothing like investigators have seen before, Lees said.

Someone on Facebook was tagging students, threatening violence, and posting for people to “watch the news.”

Plainfield Police said Thursday night Plainfield High School received an online threat via social media. The initial threat centered around one student but promised a “bloodbath” at the school. The district quickly canceled classes.

That’s when the suspect changed focus, posting threats toward Danville schools. As a result, Danville schools cancelled classes.

“It did cause a lot of nervousness with the parents and the students,” said William Wright, Danville Police Chief.

It’s the second threat for Danville schools in the past day. Authorities arrested two students early Friday morning, according to the chief.

Wright said one student made a threat about bringing a weapon to school, and the other made an online threat. School officials had decided to continue with classes Thursday, even as word of those arrests was beginning to get out.

Meanwhile, investigators in Plainfield are still trying to determine where the postings are coming from.

“We need to make sure that we take them all seriously, because the minute you don’t take a threat seriously, you don’t want something to happen, as well, “Lees said.

A Plainfield Community School Corporation spokesperson released this statement:

All Plainfield Community School Corporation schools will be closed today, Thursday, December 17. A threat has been directed to the high school, and the safety and security of all students is our highest priority.

School officials have been working with the Plainfield Police Department throughout the night.

We will continue working with public safety officials, as this is an ongoing investigation.

School will resume on January 4.

Repeating: The safety and security of all students is our highest priority, and the entire corporation campus will be closed today, Thursday, December 17. No further statements are planned at this time.

A spokesperson from the FBI confirms that they have been contacted and they are assisting with the investigation.

Martinsville Schools Superintendent Dr. Michelle Moore announced Thursday morning that all Martinsville schools are on lockdown following the threats made at Danville and Plainfield Schools. There are no known incidents or threats directed at Martinsville schools at this time, and the lockdown was implemented simply as a precaution.

Additionally, Franklin Community Schools announced their plans to cancel all classes Friday amid a “series of threats.”

At this time it is unknown if the threat made at Franklin Community High School is connected with the threats that shut down Plainfield and Danville schools. We will continue to update this story when new information becomes available.