FBI works to stop China from stealing trade secrets as billions of dollars, millions of jobs go overseas

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — During President Donald Trump’s UN General Assembly address Tuesday, he charged China with taking away tens of thousands of jobs from Americans and stealing profitable ideas from this country. This is a national issue, and it’s an issue FBI agents in Indianapolis work to stop.

The FBI said America has what other countries, particularly China, want.

“We have the number one economy, number one military,” Craig Moringello,  Special Agent of FBI Counterintelligence Program, said. “We want to maintain that edge and be that example for the world to see that our system is the best system.”

Moringello said the Chinese are finding ways to trade secrets and ideas from Americans to benefit their country. It can happen on college campuses, in private companies, and with contractors for the U.S. military.

“China is trying to dominate the world markets,” Moringello said.

The FBI reports America is losing between $225 billion and $600 billion dollars annually to foreign countries who are stealing our ideas. China does not want to rely on anyone else for things many Hoosiers make a living on: agriculture, medical research, and automobile technology.

“If they can make it cheaper, then they’ll be able to increase their market share across the world thereby cutting the United States out,” Moringello explained.

The FBI said combating foreign countries from stealing American innovation is a challenge. They say companies should frequently talk about protecting their secrets with their employees, limit who knows the secrets, and report any suspicious activity to the FBI.

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