FDA proposes rule to ban all minors from using tanning beds

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INDIANAPOLIS (December 29, 2015) – The Food and Drug Administration is proposing a nationwide ban on indoor tanning and sunlamp use for people under the age of 18.

The proposed rule would require indoor tanning facilities to tell adults about the health risks and have them sign a waiver. A second rule would  would require manufacturers and indoor tanning facilities to stay on top of the the overall safety of indoor tanning devices to protect adult consumers.

“The frequency is getting higher and we’re seeing it in younger and younger people. And there’s no question that tanning is a factor. There’s plenty of data showing this and that’s why the federal government is stepping in,” said St. Vincent dermatologist, Dr. Christopher Obeime.

Some parents say if they want their children to tan that should be their decision and not up to the federal government.

“You’ve got a parent that’s saying okay I’m going to allow her to do this for a dance I mean that should be up to a parent to make that decision for their child. I think that’s a violation of our rights,” said parent, Kim Roche.

“I think it’s a little excessive. I think when you hit a certain age like 16 or 17 you’re kind of getting to the point where you can make those decisions,” said daughter, Claire Roche.

The FDA says the risks of UV radiation exposure adds up over your lifetime and Dr. Obeime says he doesn’t want to see youth patients battling a disease that is preventable.

“I have no ulterior motive from trying to prevent skin cancer. If anything skin cancers bring us business, but we don’t want that business,” said Dr. Obeime.

The FDA is accepting consumer input on the proposed rules. If you would like to weigh in on the rules, click here

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