Female-led brewery hopes to make mark in central Indiana

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HANCOCK COUNTY – There is a new brewery in central Indiana and it hopes to open the door of the brewing industry to women.

Indianapolis resident Eilise Lane is the founder of Scarlet Lane Brewing Company located in McCordsville. Its beers are already on tap at a few pubs and bars around Indianapolis like Fire by the Monon in Broad Ripple. Lane will officially launch her brewery next week.

“It’s really exciting. It’s a little nerve-wracking,” said Lane.

She said her passion for beer and home brewing started about seven years ago after a trip to Oregon.

“I tasted a beer that just, it was really magical to me. There was something very special. And I asked if I could speak to the brewer and they said I’m sorry she’s not here,” recalled Lane. “I said, she? Huh? And so I thought maybe I can do this.”

Three years ago, she went to school to study fermentation sciences and created a business plan for Scarlet Lane.

In a male-dominated industry, Lane is now one of very few female CEOs. It’s why she wants her brewery to be completely managed by women. In fact, the company’s president is a woman and almost all the investors are women.

Besides running the company, Lane also serves as a Brewer alongside the one male head brewer, Chris Knott.

“Beer started out with women thousands of years ago. Women were the ones that made the beer. And I really appreciated that as I was learning,” she explained. “We just really wanna make sure that women come into this process and understand it’s not a boys’ club.”

Lane said her company is brewing non-stop and foresees hiring additional workers in the future.

To learn more about Scarlet Lane, click here.

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