INDIANAPOLIS — A robbery caught on the cameras of workers in the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office ended in the arrest of three men Monday. Two of the men were on pretrial release at the time.

A probable cause affidavit filed Wednesday in the case details what the victim and suspects say was behind the fight and how three members of the prosecutor’s office helped police find the men behind the attack.

Walking into the scene

Two officers with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department were in the area of Alabama and Ohio Street when they saw a large crowd by the prosecutor’s office. When they asked what was happening, the document states a bystander told them a man was jumped by another man.

As the officers continued down Alabama Street, they saw two women pointed out a man who was walking down Ohio Street with something in his hands. The document states they stopped the man, putting him in handcuffs while asking him what happened.

While the man was telling police that he was jumped and his phone and wallet were stolen, three workers at the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office arrived. The document states the three workers told police that they saw the whole thing and the man was the victim in the case.

Prosecutor’s Office workers capture fight

While going over various cases in the prosecutor’s office, one of the witnesses looked out the window and noticed a group of men chasing another man. The document states the witnesses saw one of the men on the ground being assaulted by two or three other men. He took a photo of the incident.

Meanwhile, another witness was in the conference room when she looked outside and noticed the assault. She started filming the incident, calling for another worker to call 911.

The three workers went downstairs to wait to give police the video and their statements when the document states they overheard one of the men ask “Alex, where is your shirt.”

The workers provided police with the video and photo of the fight. The document states one of the officers recognized Alex Dugan in the video. They put out a suspect description and started the search.

Search ends with a chase

While searching the area, the document states one of the officers saw Dugan, who was portrayed stomping on the victim in the video. As they were putting him in handcuffs, they saw a woman enter a vehicle.

One of the officers told the other they needed to stop the vehicle to talk to the woman. They went to pull the vehicle over, but the driver fled, leading officers on a short chase before getting out and running away.

They found the woman walking with a man later identified as Jeremiah Campbell. The document states police ordered them to the ground at gunpoint before placing them into custody. While placing them in custody, the document states Campbell had the victim’s wallet and phone.

While walking back to their vehicle, the document states one of the officers saw a third man, later identified as Jermaine Ealy-Sisk, trying to hide near a wall. They put him in handcuffs without incident.

‘Baby momma’ call leads to fight

Police spoke with everyone involved to try to figure out what happened. The victim told police that he was walking near the City-County Building when he recognized two women. He said one of them was pointing at him and saying threatening words.

The document states the victim told the women that if they wanted to fight, he would fight them because “that is how he handles himself.”

As the victim was walking away, the document states he overheard one of the women say they were calling their boys to “take care of him.”

The document states Ealy-Sisk told police that he was walking with Campbell and Dugan when Jeremiah got a call from his “baby mama” saying some guy was talking to her and trying to touch her.

The three men found the victim and the document states Dugan told police that when they found the victim, he went right up to him confronting him about the incident and throwing a punch.

The victim told police that he tried to run away, but fell to the ground. Two of the suspects admitted to police that they hit and stomped on the victim while he was on the ground.

The document states Campbell told police that after the fight, he picked up a wallet and phone, thinking they were Ealy-Sisk’s. They walked away in different directions.

Charges and increased bonds

Campbell, Ealy-Sisk, and Dugan were all charged with robbery resulting in bodily injury. The Deputy Prosecuting Attorney requested a greater than standard bond for Dugan and Campbell, saying they were on pretrial release at the time of the incident.

Campbell was on pretrial release for possession of marijuana and intentionally operating a motor vehicle without ever receiving a license. Dugan was on pre-trial release for testing law enforcement.