Final 2 men convicted in local disc jockey’s murder sentenced

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (June 4, 2014)— The last two suspects in the 2012 murder of a disc jockey inside a north side recording studio were sentence to 140-year prison terms Wednesday.

Dontee Robinson and Dominque Hamler ware convicted along with four other men in the murder of Thomas “DJ” Keys and the wounding of Marvin Finney II at the One Stop Media studios on Nov. 15, 2012.

Investigators found Keys and Finney were lured to the studio for a recording session but instead were questioned about the murder of a gang member earlier in the week.

That gang member, Brandon “Bango”McMitchell, was murdered a few days earlier and was the cousin of studio owner Carlton Hart.

Prosecutors argued successfully that Hart’s drive to find his cousin’s killer led to the murder of Keys and the wounding of Finney. Hart was discovered on surveillance video along with other conspirators buying the zip ties and duct tape used to bind the victims.

The other suspects, Hart included, received prison terms ranging from 17-165 years.

“No parent raises their child to be a murderer,” said Debra Watson, Thomas Key’s mother. “They were just evil. They were evil guys.”

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