Fire at Anderson bicycle shop under investigation


ANDERSON, Ind.- Investigators are working to determine the cause of a weekend fire at a bicycle shop. 

Caution tape ropes surround the garage behind Buckskin Bikes in Anderson.

“We built this business from scratch. It’s crazy to get a punch like this,” said Ben Orcutt, owner of Buckskin Bikes.

Somehow, the garage caught on fire Sunday night. Ben Orcutt kept tools and the shop’s used bike collection in the garage. 

The structure and everything inside of it are destroyed.  Orcutt pulled parts from the used bikes to repair other bikes for customers or to resell.

“We had to set up online scheduling for people, that’s the first time we’ve ever had to,” said Orcutt.

Since the pandemic started, Buckskin Bikes hasn’t stopped.

“Quickly we realized this was going to be a boom not a bust in terms of COVID impact on our business. So, we sold through all the bikes we had available by the end of May and our distributors were out of stock by the time we went to reorder,” said Orcutt.

This has been the busiest summer Buckskin Bikes has had in its 8 years.  Now with the fire, they’ve posted a handwritten note on the front door, letting customers know they’ll be closed the next couple weeks.

“If the fire department hadn’t responded as quickly as they did, we would’ve lost everything,” said Orcutt.

The Anderson Fire Department is still investigating the cause of the fire. Orcutt believes it started behind the garage near the alley.

“If there was malintent, I guess we need to find that person, so they don’t do it again,” said Orcutt.

Orcutt is more worried about his customers than the exact cause of the fire. He realizes it’s a setback, but his mindset is on the road ahead.

“2020 is going to be one for the books, it’s where we find ourselves. There’s no reason to be upset. We just have to keep pushing through. We’ll make it through. We’ll be back,” said Orcutt. 

Orcutt believes the fire destroyed more than $10,000 worth of items. Thankfully he has insurance.

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