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WAYNE TOWNSHIP, Ind — An early morning fire ripped through a Wayne Township apartment complex leaving several families without a home for the holidays.

It happened at the Pangea Hills Apartment complex in the 400 block of Big Hill Circle. 911 dispatchers began receiving calls for help around 2 a.m. When fire crews arrived, they began immediately searching for survivors. Thankfully, everyone inside of the apartments made it out safely.

“Primary concern was search and victims,” said Eric Banister with the Wayne Township Fire Department, “Fortunately, we found no one in any of the apartments. Everyone had evacuated safely. Everything in those apartments, and the apartments themselves, can be replaced, but obviously we can’t replace lives.”

Firefighters had the flames under control in about 30 minutes. They battled the fire across the second and third floors of the building. The American Red Cross has come in with financial aid for some of the impacted families.

”It’s there for anything they need. If they need toothbrushes, clothes, or food,” Hyacinth Rucker, Regional Communication for the American Red Cross of the Indiana Region said, “We were told six units were impacted of which we have helped three families of the six. It’s a total of eight individuals.”

“We are going to say seven apartments were directly impacted by fire, or fire attack. We think nine apartments altogether have had some kind of damage,” added Banister.

Right now, neither the Red Cross nor the Wayne Township Fire Department are sure of an exact headcount when it comes to the number of people displaced.

“Look upon the positive, you survived this right? Not everyone survives a house fire, and the fact that you are here to live another day is something to celebrate,” says Rucker.

Wayne Township Fire said management at the apartment complex is working to move any displaced residents into any vacant apartments for the time being.