Firearms owners to take part in Guns Across America event Saturday

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Gun owners say they are being unfairly judged, after the recent tragedies in Aurora, Colo., and Newtown, Conn.  They are also upset at President Obama’s stance on some firearms, so they are heading to the Indiana State House to show their support for their weapons in a nationwide event called Guns Across America.

Nathan Deaver has been shooting since he was 14.

“I actually grew up pheasant hunting,” said Deaver.

Now, his signets are set on a nationwide firearm effort called Guns Across America.

“It is happening across the entire nation, all at the same time,” said Deaver.

Deaver said recent tragedies in have given the pro-gun population an unfair stereotype.

“Because of the adjustable stock, the pistol grip, the bayonet mount, and the flash suppressor, it would be illegal,” said Deaver.

He also said the president’s gun ban is a rush to judgement.

“It is like in school in class when one kid ruins it for everyone else,” said Deaver.  “It is like, ‘come on, use your head.'”

At noon on Jan. 19, more than 100 gun owners will rally at the Indiana Statehouse. Indiana State Police said officers are on standby, but they do not expect any drama.

“We have plans in place,” said Sergeant Rich Myers.  “We do know how we are going to react if something would happen with the public.  We obviously do not go into those, but we always have our patrol areas if something does take place.”

Deaver said rally-goers are targeting the public, hoping to wipe away misconceptions and help people see their side of the gun debate.

“It is such a tragedy that you almost feel bad speaking out against it, but it is the Bill of Rights,” said Deaver.  “It is my right to own that weapon if I so choose .”

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