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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (October 17, 2015) — With temperatures taking a tumble many of us may be thinking about lighting up the fireplace.  However, if your chimney is not ready, you could be setting yourself up for some serious danger.

A chimney fire broke out at a northeast side home Friday. Firefighters said it looks like two big problems were to blame. Number one, the man who started the fire said he used a cap full of gasoline to start it.

“What you don`t want to do is put an ignitable liquid on that fire inside your home to get it started or at any time during the process because that not only poses a danger to you, but it will super heat the fire really quickly, and it can cause cracks inside the chimney,” said Indianapolis Fire Department Captain Rita Reith.

Number two, the homeowner said the chimney had not been serviced recently.

“We encourage everybody to have that check-up once a year just like you would do with everything else in your house,” said Reith.

Creosote sweeping logs are popular and even supported for improved safety and home heating efficiency by the Plainfield based Chimney Safety Institute of America, but the CSIA still recommends that all chimneys and vented appliances be inspected every year by a certified chimney sweep.

Captain Reith said remember safety and use common sense.

Make sure the flue is open, use the screen, keep pets and small children clear, never leave the fire unattended and make sure it’s extinguished before you leave the home or go to bed.