Firefighter’s vigilance pays off as Indianapolis installs dozens of new lights in his area

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Lt. Jon Nixon is a firefighter at Station 10 at the corner of 30th Street and Sherman Drive on the city’s near northeast side. He is committed to finding solutions for the people in the surrounding neighborhood.

Nixon tells FOX59 he was injured several years ago and asked the chief if he could spend some of his shift driving up and down the nearby streets and alleys to identify where more lighting was needed, where lights needed repaired, and where light poles needed to be installed. Nixon said he recalled Mayor Joe Hogsett’s initiative, Operation Night Light, which made a goal of installing 4,000 new streetlights in the city’s neighborhood by 2025.

“Under the cover of darkness, things could occur that we obviously as a society can’t condone,” Nixon said.

The city said he made over 200 requests identifying areas that needed a change. Nixon’s research happened from Keystone Ave to Sherman Drive, between 23rd Street and 38th Street, as well as the area between Sherman Drive and Emerson Ave, from 26th Street to 38th Street. So far, the city’s data shows 50 streetlights are approved in that area, and at least 40 of them have been installed.

“If you feel there’s something that could be done, get involved,” Nixon said. “Do it.”

If anyone in Indianapolis has an issue with streetlights in their neighborhood, the city suggests visiting, through the RequestIndy mobile app or by calling the Mayor’s Action Center at 317-327-4MAC (4622).

The city recently passed the one year mark for phase two of the Operation Night Light program with Indianapolis Power and Light. They announced over 1,000 new lights have been approved for installation around the county. They said over 14,000 streetlights have been converted to LED technology which lights neighborhoods better.

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