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FRANKFORT, Ind. – First responders from across Clinton County visited a Frankfort home Saturday to cheer up a 7-year-old who had implants put in his ears for hearing aids.

The boy, Landon O’Neal, was feeling pretty down because he had to wear a large head dressing after the surgery at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital. His mother, Stephanie O’Neal, had the idea to color the bandages red and blue to resemble rescue lights, because she says he is obsessed with first responders. He even got dressed in his police uniform.

“If you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up, his answer is an officer, a firefighter and an ambulance driver,” said Stephanie. “There isn’t a choice. He swears to be all three.”

Stephanie took her attempt to cheer up her son one step further when she messaged Clinton County Dispatch on Facebook and asked for a person on duty to come visit.

To her and Landon’s surprise, people from the Frankfort Police Department, Clinton County Sheriff Department, Clinton County EMS and the Frankfort Fire Department showed up at their doorstep with a cake.

“These gentlemen have not only cheered our boy up when he was sad, but they’ve given him a memory to last a lifetime,” said Stephanie. “I can’t thank them enough for sacrificing their time to make a little boy’s dream come true.”