First-time voter sprints to become last in line at Ben Davis voting center


INDIANAPOLIS — There were some voters who got off of work, rushing to the polls to cast their ballot Tuesday.  That was the case for a first-time voter at Ben Davis High School.

As Yanseth Olvera arrived and many started to cheer him on telling him to “run” with 30 seconds to spare before the polls closed. He sprinted to the end of the line and was able to cast his vote.

Olvera tells us he rushed over after work then had to call his wife to meet him where he realized he left his ID.   

“Had to call my wife. I was like, ‘I forgot my wallet. Can you meet me at Ben Davis?’ Cuz I live down the street. She said, ‘yeah.’ She met me here, so I just came in and started running to vote,” Olvera said.

Many people waited up to 4 hours earlier in the day. The waits were not a result of technical difficulties or delayed opening. Voters say there weren’t enough machines for the size of Ben Davis and for the number of people coming to cast their ballots.

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