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FISHERS, Ind. – A Fishers family wants to know who put a nasty note in their mailbox.  A typed letter listed the price for not taking care of their lawn and informed the family they weren’t living in the ghetto.  The Sullivan family feels they’re being targeted because they’re black.

“The biggest thing is just disheartening,” said Chris Sullivan, a Fishers resident.

On Wednesday, Chris Sullivan checked his mailbox he found a folded up letter.

“(I) opened it started reading the first few lines and checked to see if anybody was watching and I finished it and was just like here we go,” Sullivan said.

The one-page letter criticized Sullivan’s yard and said he needed to mow and get rid of the weeds.  It went on to say, ‘This isn’t the Ghetto and your home looks trashy.’”

Sullivan called the note racist.

“Sucks that it happened to me, sucks that it happens to anybody in 2017,” he said.

A couple of neighbors who didn’t want to go on camera told FOX59 the subdivision strict about cutting your grass and they didn’t see the letter as an attack.  The letter was signed “the neighborhood Britton Ridge association,” but Sullivan is confident the homeowner’s association isn’t responsible for it.

“There’s not a lot of bad apples, there are probably just one or two,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan moved to Fishers a couple months ago from California.  He’s from Indiana and felt it was time for him, his wife and two kids to be closer to family.

“In the end result you can’t fight fire with fire, there’s other ways to go about it and that’s what I intend on doing,” he said.

Sullivan wants the sender of the letter to know there’s no need to be nasty, he or she can just be a neighbor.

“We are not moving and if you had enough courage you would just say hello and ask me to trim my tree down. I’m human, I eat, breath, sleep just like you do.”

Since getting the letter, Sullivan is planning to install security cameras around his home as a precaution.  Sullivan is also now reconsidering if he will send his 6-year-old son to school in the area.