Fishers man biking 8,428 miles to raise money for orphanage overseas


FISHERS, Ind.- A Fishers man is on a mission.  72-year-old Dan Farrell is biking 8,428 miles.  He started the challenge on January 1st and he’s doing it to raise money to build an orphanage overseas.

“It gives you a different perspective on life,” said Dan Farrell, a cyclist.

Farrell’s passion for cycling and for helping others pushed him to take on a big challenge.

8.428 miles is the distance from Fishers to India.

“I think to be able to see people within that orphanage complete the orphanage building and to go out into the community and see how they are able to change lives there to me, makes this a really worthy cause,” said Farrell.

Everyday Farrell bikes to and from work.  Normally it would be about 20 miles roundtrip but he takes the scenic route to get in the extra miles.

“Usually around 60-70 sometimes I really push it and do 80 miles,” said Farrell.

Weather doesn’t stop him.

“Whether it’s cold, hot anything like that I see it as a personal challenge,” said Farrell.

Farrell plans to hit his 8.428 mileage goal at the start of September.  So far, he’s raised about $3,200 of his $50,000 donation goal to complete orphanage.  Farrell is confident he’ll get the miles and the money.

“No doubt in my mind, it’s all systems go and I’m really looking forward to it,” said Farrell.

The soon-to-be 73 year old is using his miles to make a difference and perhaps along his ride, he’s inspiring others to do the same.

“I think when you have this type of a goal in mind, it really encourages you to look beyond yourself and try to do what you can do in your own way to make this world a better place to live,” said Farrell.

If you’re interested in helping Farrell reach his fundraising goal, you can find more information here

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