Fitness guru helps Hoosiers stick to 2015 fitness goals

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Dec. 26, 2014)– We’ve seen the statistics in the most recent Marion County community health assessment–one in three adults are obese.

That number is just as startling for children, with four in ten elementary school children being overweight. The 2014 results of the annual America’s Health Rankings showed Indiana ranks 41st for the second year in a row.

With many people getting excited and making New Year’s resolutions, fitness enthusiasts are preparing to keep Hoosiers on track beyond the new year fad diets and work out plans.

“For whatever reason, Hoosiers in general are just lagging in the knowledge that we have. We have a lot of great farmers locally producing food that doesn’t have the GMO’s, not pumped full of hormones. They’re trying to bring food to our table but unfortunately its a little more expensive,” said CrossFit Naptown Co-Owner, Peter Brasovan.

Brasovan and his partner Jared Byczko started CrossFit Naptown more than three years ago. The workout brand overall has grown to nearly 300 members. The duo believes many people make the mistake of trying to stick to drastic lifestyle changes and fall off the wagon quickly.

“It’s not something you’re just going to quit overnight, so when you’re being realistic about these goals, you really have to make lifestyle changes and make it something that you know, ‘I’m going to stop drinking two sodas a day — I’m going to one soda a day for the first week,'” said Brasovan.

CrossFit goer Andrew Barr tapped into his resources to get fit more than 3 years ago. Instead of going cold turkey he slowly changed his habits and it paid off big.

“I weighed about 225 when I started CrossFit and within about 6-8 months I was probably down to about 190 so I lost over 30 pounds. I sleep better, I have an overall better feeling about myself I guess, and my fitness is just probably better than it ever has been,” said Barr.

This group found the key to lifelong fitness is workout buddies, a gym environment you like and realistic goals to hold yourself accountable.

“When you write down your goals put them in a place you’re going to see them everyday. On your mirror, dashboard of your car put them at your desk because you probably will mess up after week one,” said Brasovan.

Naptown Fitness will help the community set smart goals for free. The event will be held Monday, December 29 at 922 Capitol Avenue in downtown Indianapolis. Fitness coaches will help anyone make reasonable goals to kick off the new year and stick to it.

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