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Hoosiers braced for another soggy day around central Indiana as rain showers continued across the state Friday.

Flooding continued to be a concern in several communities across the state. In Tipton County, conditions didn’t appear to improve overnight. Chuck Bell, the county’s emergency management director, said crews had to close or put high water signs on 26 county roads in the span of just two hours Thursday. By the end of the day, 36 roads were closed.

“Even six inches of water could sweep away a car, so if you think it’s covering the road, just find an alternate route to go,” Bell said.

Students were released from school early on Thursday. For Friday, administrators decided to close the school and keep students at home for an e-learning day.

In Indianapolis, video and photos showed flooding at Troy and Harding on the south side. Several vehicles went through the high water, although our crew at the scene observed some of the vehicles stalling and getting stuck.

Several counties issued yellow Travel Advisories because of flooding. The advisories mean routine travel or activities may be restricted because of hazardous conditions. Drivers are advised to use caution or avoid those areas entirely.

Morgan County had an orange Travel Watch in place. That means only essential travel is recommended, such as work commutes or emergency situations.

Hamilton County, one of the counties with a Travel Advisories, reported dozens of roads with high water. Erin Rowe, the county’s emergency management director, said sandbags were available for area residents. Rowe also advised drivers to pay close attention to driving conditions.

“Folks need to pay attention and make sure that their normal routes may not be accessible, so they may need to seek an alternate route,” Rowe said.

Sheridan Community Schools and Hamilton Height School Corporate were both on two-hour delays Friday morning.

Hamilton County authorities said sandbags would be available for residents between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Friday at 1717 Pleasant St. in Noblesville. People who pick up the sandbags must show proof of Hamilton County residency.

Here’s a roundup of roads with high water around our viewing area:

Boone County

  • 550 South closed from St. Rd. 39 to Mid Jamestown Rd.
  • Holiday Rd. closed at 421 at the bridge
  • Indianapolis Rd. to Lafayette Rd. closed under I-65 overpass
  • Boone County – County Rd. 775 between St. Rd. 32 and St. Rd.  47

Hamilton County


  • 106th Street east of Cumberland Road
  • 191st Street between Summer Road and Victory Chapel Road
  • 196th Street between Mystic Road and Pilgrim Road
  • 206th Street between SR-37 and Creek Road
  • 266th Street between SR-19 and Startsman Road
  • Albright Road north of 281st Street
  • Crooked Creek Road between 266th Street and 281st Street
  • Cumberland road south of 226th Street
  • Devaney Road between 281st Street and 291st Street
  • Edith Avenue between boulder Drive and Cumberland Road
  • Mt. Pleasant Road between 256th Street and 266th Street
  • Promise Road between 181st Street and 186th Street
  • Riverwood Avenue between 206th Street and Riverwood Subdivision

Roads in Noblesville with high water:

  • 186th Street, Between SR 37 & Promise Road
  • Mill Creek Rd, Between SR 32 & Stone Hinge
  • Promise Rd, Between 186th & 191st Street
  • Edith Avenue at Potters Bridge
  • Riverwood Avenue
  • Riverwood Drive

High water

  • SR 213/256th st
  • 17350 Cherry Tree Rd
  • SR 213/281st St
  • 206th st/overdorf Rd
  • 146th st/Marilyn Rd
  • 191st st/Grassy Branch Rd
  • Devaney south of 291st st
  • 25440 SR 213
  • 256th st/Henry Gunn Rd
  • 266th St/Lower RD
  • Anthony Rd/e 236th st
  • 266th st between Devaney Rd and Ernest
  • 266th st west of Gwinn
  • 15500-blk Olio Rd
  • 18800-blk Promise Rd
  • 10540 Jessup Blvd
  • 2100 E 196th st
  • Hoover Rd/Dartown Rd
  • Hoover by airport
  • 241st st/Fall Rd
  • Grass Branch at 196th st
  • 8600-blk 196th St by soccer fields
  • 221st st east of SR 19
  • 206th st/Victory Chapel Rd
  • Mill Creek Rd south of SR 38

Marion County


  • Harding Street, from Sumner Avenue to Raymond Street, north and south bound lanes closed. Due to the closure traffic will be re-routed:

Traveling Northbound on Harding Street: Turn right to head east on Sumner Avenue; continue east on Sumner Avenue or turn left to continue north on Bluff Road.

Traveling Southbound on Harding Street: Turn left to head east on Sumner Avenue; continue east on Sumner Avenue or turn right to continue heading south on Bluff Road

  • Troy Avenue, from Bluff Road to Harding Street. Streets will be open only for residents and businesses.Due to the closure traffic will be re-routed:

Traveling Westbound on Troy Avenue: Turn left to head south on Bluff Road; turn right to head west on Sumner Avenue. Those planning to travel west on Sumner Avenue toward Harding Street will have to travel south, due to the Harding Street, from Sumner Avenue to Raymond Street closure.

Raymond Street will be open to only open east and west bound traffic.

  • Chase Street, from Troy Avenue to Sumner Avenue.
  • Coffey Street from Troy Avenue to Sumner Avenue.
  • Arbor Avenue from Troy Avenue to Sumner Avenue.

Hancock County

  • Areas prone to flooding seeing a lot of roadway flooding

Hendricks County

  • No closures at this time

Johnson County


  • 6300 W Smith Valley Rd
  • 200N @ 75W
  • 300N @ 500E
  • 225W @ 300S
  • 250S @ US 31
  • Smiley’s Mill
  • Honeycreek & Whiteland Rd
  • Mauxferry Rd from 300S to 350S
  • 400S & Indian Grave

High Water

  • Graham @ 500N (south of)
  • 400N between Graham & 350E
  • 400N between Graham & US 31

Madison County

  • Several county roads the usual areas – ran out of high water signs

Bartholomew County

  • None reported at this time

Delaware County

  • Nothing closed at this time

Howard County

  • Markland between Dixon and Berkley
  • Washington between Monroe and Jackson
  • Jefferson between Armstrong and Buckeye

Morgan County


  • SR 42 West of Craber
  • SR 135 5 miles south of Morgantown
  • SR 142 between Crone and Herbemont

High water

  • Blue Bluff Road
  • Bottom Road at Centenary
  • Henderson Ford Road at N End
  • Paragon Rod
  • Appaloosa Road
  • Anglin Rd
  • 1050 North
  • Lingle Rd
  • Smokey Rd
  • McClure Rd at the West End
  • Old 67 by Forest Commodities
  • Tidewater
  • Centenary @144
  • 42 at Bell Union
  • Rhodes
  • Centenary
  • Pennington