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ANDERSON, Ind (Dec. 12, 2014)–The people responsible for a deadly shooting early Thanksgiving morning in Anderson are still on the run.

Brandon Boone’s family is coping with the loss of the 24-year-old as best as they can, but they are pleading for answers. They hope the person responsible for killing the father of two will be held accountable.

Anderson police say Divine Styles-n-Cuts employees were at the store located in the 600 block of West 22nd Street after hours watching a game when they were attacked.

When police arrived on the scene, they found Brandon Boone, 24, located in the front yard of a neighboring residence. He was suffering from a single gunshot wound. Boone was transported to St. Vincent’s Anderson Hospital and pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

Police say Boone’s brother, Jaysson Streaty, was beaten with a baseball bat.

“Justice for Boone. All we want is justice for what happened to him,” said Tina Boone-Turner, Brandon Boone’s mother.

Boone-Turner wears a rubber bracelet for her son, one side says ‘Justice for Boone’ and the other side is a favorite memory.

“God don’t like ugly, that was my son’s favorite saying. He got that from me and my mom,” said Boone-Turner.

A makeshift memorial has formed on the sidewalk in-front of the barbershop. Candles spell out ‘Brandon.’

“I’m trying to hold up for my family, my mom, his kids, and his girlfriend,” said Kyson Jordan, Boone’s brother.

Police say two African-American men wearing masks walking into the Divine Styles-n-Cuts around 2 a.m on Thanksgiving morning. The men allegedly demanded money. Anderson police have yet to make an arrest.

“I really feel sorry for them because you have to be a sick individual to be able to live a normal life or try and live a normal life after you’ve done what you’ve done to my son,” said Boone-Turner.

The pain didn’t stop after Boone’s funeral on Monday, several family members were hurt in a car crash on the way back from the service.

“Honestly, it feels like bad luck, but I don’t believe in bad luck. Everything happens for a reason and you just have to learn to live with it,” said Jordan.

A family that can’t seem to catch a break, is hoping a break in the case is coming their way, and the people responsible will pay for Boone’s death.

“As a mother in this situation, I would say things aren’t going as fast as I would like them too. But I think they are doing the best that they can,” said Boone-Turner.

Anyone with information should contact Det. Norman Rayford at 765-648-6758 or Crime Stoppers at 765-649-8310.