Food hall filled with local markets, restaurants will move into Mass Ave Coca-Cola plant

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A $260 million project is taking over the old Coca-Cola bottling plant on Mass Ave.

“The name of the project is the Bottle Works District,” said VP of asset management of Hendricks Commercial Properties Isaac Bamgbose.

The development of the Bottle Works District will give new life to a 12-acre property that has been storing IPS equipment and school buses for years.

“This building is the administrative building. This is where it all started for the Coca-Cola operations and we are going to be keeping all of this building. None of this is coming down,” said Bamgbose.

Bamgbose says developers will transform the admin building into a 150-room boutique West Elm Hotel.

“The third-floor addition is going to be really stepped back and we are going to be keeping all of this building. None of it is coming down,” said Bamgbose.

Just across the walkway will be the garage food hall which seats around 500 people.

“You will have restaurants, shops, and food purveyors to buy meat, cheese, and fish. You can take it home and throw it on the grill. It will encapsulate a bunch of different things,” said Bamgbose.

The community-focused marketplace is set up to be complete in mid-2019 and will have local businesses behind roll-up garage doors, keeping the look of the old Coca-Cola bottling garage.

Some say it will be similar to the City Market downtown but developers say the hours, products, and market will be much different.

“We are going to connect these two buildings and have a covered walkway in this open space. We are also going to bust through the walls between the two buildings and create a seating area,” said Bamgbose.

Add in a cinema, office space, retail space, some apartments and condos, and the end of Mass Ave. will be transformed and busy.

“It is going to take anywhere from seven to ten years to complete. There is a lot that needs to happen to get the site ready and build it over time. With this revitalization, it will continue to play off of what Mass Ave. already has been,” said Bamgbose.

The developers will begin phase one of Bottle Works in the spring of 2018 with plans to open the food hall, hotel, and retail by the end of 2019.

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