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More bad weather is headed our way. Snow is in the forecast until Tuesday and some parts of Central Indiana could see up to four inches.

The Indiana Department of Transportation and the Indiana State Police are reminding folks to adjust their driving to the changing weather conditions.

Weather conditions out on the roadways have been a nightmare this past week. Crashes along Interstate 65, south of Indianapolis seemed to happen one after the other. Slick road conditions and driver speed were factors there.

On Thursday, extreme weather is believed to be a factor for the deadly 40 vehicle pile up along Interstate 70 Westbound near State Road 267.

“It sounds like it was a snow squall in the area and people were driving along in dry conditions and then all of a sudden, boom, they hit snow and white out conditions and then a chain reaction accident happens when somebody slams on their breaks and possibly gets scared driving in the conditions,” said Debbie Calder, INDOT spokesperson.

Calder said hundreds of crews were out on the roads pre-treating, salting and plowing the last several days, but the extreme cold and windy conditions can undo their work in a matter of minutes.

“Each storm has its own varying factors that we look at that and watch for it. We’ve been out here over the last several days anyway, we had salt trucks in the area. It’s a battle through the winter to keep them clean, but we do the best that we can,” said Calder.

State police are once again reminding drivers to slow down and give yourself plenty of distance behind the other vehicle to help avoid weather-related crashes.