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MARTINSVILLE, Ind.– The former employer of the man state police now say is a person of interest in the Delphi murder case describes him as “not a good guy.”

Suella Ferrand says she hired Daniel Nations to work on her family’s livestock farm in the spring of 2015. The two were introduced by a mutual acquaintance.

“At first he seemed like he was a decent guy, said he was ex-military. But the more I got to know him the more I realized he wasn’t as decent as we thought he was,” Ferrand said.

Ferrand says she and her family knew very little about Nations when she hired him. A few months into his employment, she said he began to exhibit “worrisome” behavior.

“He had a really bad temper, to the point where at times it could be a little eerie,” she said.

Ferrand and her family say once their relationship with him went south,  Nations completely trashed the apartment they let him live in, constantly lost his temper and became violent, destroyed property and even threatened one of them with a hatchet, which he often carried around.

When the family tried to remove Nations from their property, they say he refused.

“Several times we had to call the police on him, almost daily. Until we finally got in court and the court ordered him off the property,” Ferrand said.

Nations has a long criminal history in Indiana. He is a convicted sex offender, and also has convictions for drug possession and domestic battery. Ferrand says she considers herself fortunate that her family’s experiences with him never escalated to violence.

“I think if given the chance he would’ve done something to one of us, but we obviously didn’t give him the chance,” Ferrand said.