DELPHI, Ind. — Delphi suspect information still hangs in windows of a downtown Delphi building. Just across the street the main suspect in the murders of Abby Williams and Libby German, Richard Allen, appeared in the Carroll County Courthouse in front of a packed room.

Judge Fran Gull has not yet made a decision on whether or not the probable cause affidavit in Richard Allen’s arrest will be unsealed.

Retired IMPD Cpt. and former commander of the homicide branch Robert Snow said he’s surprised there is still such an effort to keep the court docs sealed.

”I really have a hard time understanding the reason behind why they’re keeping this so secret,” Snow said. “I don’t know why.” It’s important to note Snow is not connected to the investigation, just being asked for his expertise.

In court Tuesday, Carroll County Prosecutor Nick McLeland argued the probable cause document should stay under wraps.

Earlier this month, Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter told FOX59 he is not opposed to the PC being made public and “the investigative quality will not be affected by its release.”

Snow said it’s not unusual for the prosecutor and an investigator to not see eye to eye on something like that.

“The prosecutor’s job, of course, is they want to make sure they can win this case, they want to make sure everything is done properly to win this case,” Snow said. “The officer simply wants to do their job, which is, again, presenting all the evidence to the prosecutor and having it prosecuted.”

The biggest news out of Carroll County Court Tuesday was McLeland saying they have reason to believe Richard Allen was not the only one involved in the death of Abby Williams and Libby German in 2017.

”That was like a stone on my head like they threw a stone at us,” said Becky Canchola. “Like, what?”

Canchola lives in Delphi and said it brought a huge relief when Allen was arrested, but knowing there could be someone still out there is scary.

”How many people who live in our country, our state, or next to us in our community could be a killer,” Canchola said.

Other people we talked to weren’t surprised to hear there could have been another person involved.

”He had to have some help, I think,” said John Hamelman, another Delphi resident.

It is worth noting, Richard Allen is only charged with felony murder.

”What happens in felony murder is you’re involved in it, you didn’t actually do it, but you were involved in the initial crime so that makes you responsible for this person’s death, also,” Snow said.

Snow said this does leave open the possibility for another person to be arrested and charged in the actual murder of Abby and Libby.

”Possible, it’s very possible,” Snow said. “With that charge against him, it’s very possible.”

Tuesday, Judge Gull also decided Richard Allen will be granted a bail hearing like his attorneys requested. Snow said he is surprised by this.

”For this kind of crime usually there is no bail, there can be, but usually there is not,” Snow said.

Allen’s attorneys did speak for the first time Tuesday morning saying their client is innocent. The judge will decide whether or not to grant bail to Allen on Feb. 17.

”They can grant bail if the case looks shaky,” Snow said. “If it doesn’t look like they have a really solid case of murder, it doesn’t happen very often, but you can get bail.”

McLeland also issued a motion for a gag order to be issued over the case. No decision has been made yet by the judge on that, either.

”I’m not surprised to see that because if you have too many people involved in the case talking about the case you can really mess stuff up or you cause a lot of problems getting good jurors,” Snow said.