Former Marsh CEO accused of using company money on affairs

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There is new information about the court documents which detail the extent of improper spending allegations against the former CEO of Marsh Supermarkets. Don Marsh is accused of using company money as his own and spending that money on extra-marital affairs. Marsh is being sued for fraud and breach of contract.

A 55-page court document lays out dozens of questionable expenses, with Marsh refusing to answer many of the questions. Among those expenses, trips to meet up with women and even providing them a place to live. “He even had the company pay for an apartment for her in New York City, complete with cable television,” the document reads.

It goes on to say: “Don also used the company plane to pursue a sexual relationship with a high school friend who lived in Smyrna, Tennessee. He used the plane for direct flights to visit the friend a half-dozen times.”

The company also claims Marsh bought gifts from the company budget, alleging that Marsh used $3,000 to purchase wedding gifts for company employees who had invited him and his wife to their weddings. The company says Marsh did not see it as his responsibility to pay for the gifts because that would be never ending.

Marsh is countersuing the company, saying they owe him millions in severence benefits after they fired him.

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