MUNCIE, Ind. — A former Muncie Police Department Officer has agreed to plead guilty of falsifying reports about an incident that occurred in 2018.

Court filings that surfaced Monday indicate Corey Posey omitted key details about an incident where officers used excessive force against an individual they were attempting to arrest.

Court documents report that former MPD officer Joseph “Chase” Winkle was one of Posey’s “field training officers” at the time.

On Aug. 9, 2018, Winkle and Posey responded to a report of an attempted home break-in. The duo later located a suspect and began to take the person into custody, per court documents.

Case filings indicate the suspect was initially cooperative with Winkle and Posey. The suspect, however, later directed inappropriate remarks at Posey.

In response to the suspect’s commentary, Winkle dropped his knee on the back of the suspect’s head and neck. Court documents state that the suspect was later transported to a hospital and diagnosed with a fractured jaw, broken nose and other injuries.

Court documents claim Posey overheard Winkle talking about how he also kicked, tased, and “launched” the suspect into a police car.

Posey later reviewed body camera footage of the incident and did not include every detail about how the suspect was injured, per court docs. Posey also used language in his report that did not fully detail the extent of Winkle’s actions.

According to court documents, Posey’s report on the incident claimed Winkle “placed his knee down on (the suspect’s) shoulder to lay him down on the ground and gain compliance for handcuffing.”

Legal filings claim Posey’s report was “intentionally false and misleading because it characterized Winkle’s actions as reasonable and justified, when in reality, as Posey knew when he wrote and submitted the report, Winkle used unreasonable and unjustified force.”

Winkle, who is the son of a former MPD Chief, was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison in August. According to previous reporting, Winkle pleaded guilty to 11 counts related to excessive use of force and obstruction of justice.

Posey now faces a year of probation and three months of home detention, should the court accept the plea deal Posey agreed to. He will also be required to participate in alcohol and mental health treatment programs.

Posey will be responsible for paying for the treatment programs, per court documents. The proposed plea deal also requires Posey to relinquish his Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board Certification and no longer serve as a sworn law enforcement officer.

The agreement would also bar Posey from applying for open law enforcement officer positions in the future.

Had a plea deal not been reached, Posey could’ve faced up to 20 years in prison and a fine of $250,000, per court docs.

Posey was arrested in Howard County on July 7 and accused of drunk driving, according to previous reporting. Kokomo police arrested Posey after he allegedly rear-ended a vehicle on US 31.

Police reported that Posey showed signs of impairment, and a breathalyzer test revealed that his BAC was over the legal driving limit.

Posey has gone to trial two times since the misreporting incident occurred. Both trials were deemed mistrials.