Former paratrooper returns to the sky 40 years later for Father’s Day present

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FRANKFORT, Ind. – Former Korean War paratrooper James Diggle got a gift for Father’s Day he will never forget.

A former 82nd Airborne Ranger in the Korean War, James has nearly 900 jumps from his time in Korea to being an instructor at Fort Bragg to testing parachutes in Alaska to demonstration skydives.

Diggle had not jumped since 1976. His daughter got him the gift of a sky dive at Skydive Indianapolis in Frankfort.

He jumped with Ryan Kramer, who has over 13,500 jumps under his belt.

“He was a pro,” Kramer commented. “He was able to steer the canopy; he definitely knows what he’s doing!”

Upon landing, James commented on the evolution of parachutes and how the new ones are so much better.

He also stated that he’d like to skydive again, next time perhaps, as a solo skydiver.

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