Former Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels speaks out against travel ban in FOX 59 interview


Mitch Daniels

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INDIANAPOLIS – Across Indiana, a weekend of waiting and watching as President Donald Trump’s immigration ban becomes even more tangled up in the court system.

“We continue to watch it and we continue to watch how it works its way through the court system,” Gov. Eric Holcomb (R-Ind.) said in an interview Saturday. “And that’s exactly what I’ll continue to do.”

In the week since the temporary ban was announced, top colleges and universities nationwide have laid criticism on the ban including Purdue University’s president, former Republican Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels.

“I think most people by now agree there are probably smarter ways and fairer ways to go about it,” Daniels said in an interview with FOX 59 Saturday.

Purdue said about 100 of its students are from the seven countries named in the ban alongside another 10 faculty members who are citizens.

“We want Americans to be safe in our country,” Daniels said. “And we do want the federal government to do a good job of dealing with the growing threat of terrorism, but let’s just say this one could have been better conceived.

President Trump took his critical message to Twitter Saturday.

Democrats dismiss the claims, including Rep. Andre Carson (D-Ind.), one of two Muslims serving in Congress. Carson sits on the House intelligence committee.

“I think Mr. Trump is speaking to his constituency but he’s also fueling the flames of Islamophobia, xenophobia and the growing anti-immigrant sentiment with this country and I think it’s divisive,” Carson said.

Vice President Mike Pence will appear on Fox News Sunday. You want watch the interview Sunday at 10:00 a.m. on FOX 59.

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