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UPDATE (Nov. 19, 2020): Brittney Mang pleaded guilty to four counts and was sentenced to a total of 15 years, with 10 years to be served in the Department of Correction, two years served in Hamilton County Community Corrections’ work-release program and three years suspended to probation.

INDIANAPOLIS — A former Warren Central High School teacher and coach is facing criminal charges in a child solicitation case.

Court records show Brittney Mang, a former high school Spanish teacher and JV softball coach, faces two counts of sexual misconduct with a minor and one count of child solicitation for fondling or touching.

Brittney Mang

According to court documents, the case came to light when the mother of a 15-year-old girl saw text messages Mang had sent to her daughter. The mother found the messages while activating a new iPhone. Some of the messages said:

  • “I can’t live without you
  • “I want to rub your chest, snuggle and cuddle”
  • “I love you”
  • “I want you to be with me and stay with me”
  • “I need you and I want you”

The teen’s mother was especially concerned about the messages because her daughter spent a significant amount of time with Mang and had stayed overnight at her Hamilton County home several times. The mother confronted her daughter about the messages and grew concerned about the relationship; the mother later had her daughter admitted to Community North Hospital Behavioral Health Center, court documents said.

The girl said she first met Mang in January 2019 and described their initial relationship as “motherly” in nature. The teen said that had recently changed and she’d spent an increasing amount of time with Mang in April. The teen said she spent more time at Mang’s house and lay down on a futon in the guest bedroom. They talked and Mang caressed her forehead until she fell asleep. The teen said Mang kissed her and they made out.

After that, their text messages turned sexual in nature, with Mang saying she “wanted to kiss and touch her,” court documents said. The teen said they communicated frequently on iMessage, Snapchat and Instagram.

During an interview with police, Mang said she’d received some inappropriate photos from the teen and said their relationship “began to become something special” at the beginning of the softball season. She told investigators she comforted the teen when she wasn’t able to sleep. One night, Mang said, they kissed. The relationship turned sexual in nature soon afterward, according to court documents.

Warren Township Schools issued this statement:

“We have been notified of the results of the investigation concerning charges brought against one of our former employees. Throughout the investigation we have cooperated with authorities to the extent we were called upon. Although we cannot respond to the allegations specifically, we want everyone to know that we take seriously the responsibility and trust parents bestow on us to educate and protect their children when in our care. When an individual is accused of violating that trust, it should be, and is, an affront to us all.

We will continue to be vigilant in our purpose to provide a safe and quality educational experience to the 12,000-plus students who come through our doors on a daily basis and will hold all of our employees to the highest standard of care.”

The school district said Mang was a third-year teacher.