Former WWE superstars take to ring to help Noblesville boy battling cancer

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NOBLESVILLE, Ind. — Every week thousands of fans cheer for professional wrestlers around the country, but Saturday night, some of those superstars began cheering for one Noblesville boy.

A few months ago, Brady Armstrong was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma.  At the time, Armstrong was playing football for a traveling team in Hamilton County.

“We had to pull him out when we found out what was going on,” his mother Amy Armstrong said.

Kevin Fertig is a former WWE wrestler.  He is known in the ring as Kevin Thorn. His son played on the team with Armstrong.  He and other fathers spent five months planning a wrestling event to pay for Brady’s medical bills.

“He wanted to take the stress from the family and the parents away from the finances,” said Curt Tappendorf, who’s son plays on the team.

“I’ll probably cry,” Fertig said of seeing Brady ringside, “You know it’s been a lot to get to this point. You know, he needs it.”

Thorn called his former WWE buddies to join the match card. One of his calls went to Al Snow. The former WWE superstar now owns Ohio Valley Wrestling.

“The minute Kevin called me, and told me what it was about, I was 100% apart of it,” Snow said. “There is no comparison to, you know, the physical pain in comparison to the emotional pain, and the fear that, that kid has to live with.”

“I figured a few hundred people would show up,” Brady said, “not like 1,500.”

Brady will be going back to finish his chemo treatment soon. He came out for the final match with Fertig, and in case you were wondering, Fertig won.

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