Fountain Square homeowners want to see burglars dubbed ‘The Daytime Robbers’ stopped


INDIANAPOLIS — Homeowners in Fountain Square already have a nickname for the burglars terrorizing their neighborhood. They are calling them “The Daytime Robbers”.

Just last week, they broke into a home on Asbury Street while the person living there was at work. She just moved in five weeks ago. They stole her diamond jewelry, nine watches, five Louis Vuitton bags, a television, and, oddly enough, her pants.

“All of my blue jeans, my Rock Revivals, my Torrid jeans, even Walmart brand jeans, I didn’t understand,” said Paula, who asked that we keep her last name hidden. “Quite a bit of sentimental jewelry [was taken]. I had it made unique for me. I was saving it for my granddaughter because I no longer wear gold. When she got older, I was going to pass it down. Obviously, I can’t do that now.”

The crooks also managed to walk away with her hand gun. They did leave the box with a serial number for the weapon.

“[The box] also has a ballistic bullet. I can take it down to the precinct, so that they have that in case it was used in a crime,” added Paula, fearing how the gun may be used in the future. “Yes, it haunts me.”

She says the crooks broke into a nearby home the following day. We spoke with another neighbor on the street who says there used to be issues with squatters in Paula’s home before she moved in.

She is heading to a neighborhood watch meeting in the coming days. These burglaries are expected to be discussed.

“I know my things are gone. I will probably never get them back,” said Paula. “They can keep the jeans, even the TV, my main concern is the jewelry and firearm.”

Since the burglary, Paula has beefed up security inside and outside of her home.

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